Hiab 638-8 crane Jib 6+Scania, available June 2020

Crane built in accordance with EN 12999 and EN 13001 and in accordance with the Machinery Directive established by the European Union, equipping the HIAB SPACE X4 electronic system for crane control, which has a built-in processor that continuously controls all crane movements for maximum utilization of its capacity without compromising safety. Furthermore, it is verified and complies with the Electronic Equipment Compatibility Regulations. CRANE FEATURES HIAB MOD. X-HiPro 638E8+Jib150x6JDC
      - E-8 horizontal hydraulic reach: 20.0 m.
      - Pole lifting capacity: 1,940 kilos.
      - Total lifting moment: 52.3 Tm x m
      - E8 + 150x6 horizontal hydraulic reach: 32.10 m.
      - Pole lifting capacity: 270 kilos.
      - Angle of rotation: continuous rotation without stop, by means of 2 hydraulic motors.
      - Oil bath turning system.
      - HIAB V200 6 + 4 + 4 functions distributor for crane and stabilizer.
      - Weight approx. 7,300 kg including hydraulic jack set.


In the deployment and folding of the loading crane, numerous movements, retractions, extensions, turning orientation, raising and lowering of the arms are carried out with great precision. Much to control when the operator has to carry out all these movements individually. Fortunately, the entire maneuver can now be controlled as if it were a single movement. The SAF system allows the crane to be deployed and folded by operating a single joystick, while a series of sensors continuously track the position and orientation of the crane boom. This means that there is less risk to the structure of the crane and its hydraulic system. Even working in difficult conditions such as emergency situations at night or in a storm, we will have the peace of mind of maneuvering the crane in complete safety. In addition, the SAF system also means higher speed, whatever the operator's experience level. With little thought required, the crane can be folded or set up in much less time than would be required without the SAF system.



The smooth and responsive movement of the crane is the hallmark of an experienced crane operator. It takes time and a lot of practice to develop the precision needed to coordinate the simultaneous operation of up to 3 joysticks, to generate certain movement skills, such as lifting a load smoothly and quickly through a straight line at an angle of 45 degrees. CTC puts this capability in the hands of even novice operators, dramatically improving productivity and safety. Instead of operators having to control various functions, such as swing, first arm, second arm, plus any extension, they now just need Focus on controlling the tip of the crane using just three controls: swing, pan and tilt. As the name implies, CTC offers the user improved control at the tip of the crane. Operators only need to aim to move the load to the desired point and CTC automatically calculates the best sequence of movements to get there. The CTC can be turned on or off using a button on the controls to return manual control to the operator, for movements that do not warrant CTC assistance.

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