Ref.: 9830901

REF: 9830901

Kit Hydraulic distributor slip joints V91, PV91, V98, PV98 and lubricant protection. Dimensions: Gasket 1 Outer Ø: 35mm Inner Ø: 27mm Gasket 2 Outer Ø: 27mm Inner Ø: 21mm Cranes where the distributor is mounted: HIAB 095, HIAB 099XS, HIAB 106, HIAB 122 CL/PRO/HIPRO, HIAB 144 CL/DL/DLS/PRO/HIPRO, HIAB 166 CL/DL/DLS/PRO/HIPRO, HIAB 175, HIAB 177 K XS, HIAB 180-220R, HIAB 190W, HIAB 195, HIAB 200, HIAB 210W/211W, HIAB 211 CLS/DL/HIPRO, HIAB 244 CLX/HIPRO, HIAB 288 CLX/HIPRO, HIAB 322 CLX/HIPRO, HIAB 377 CLX/HIPRO, HIAB 422 CLX/HIPRO, HIAB 477 HIPRO, HIAB 600 HIPRO, HIAB 700 HIPRO, HIAB 800 HIPRO, HIAB 855 HIPRO, HIAB X CLX 528, HIAB X HIPRO 558, HIAB X HIPRO 658, HIAB 1055 HIPRO, LOGLIFT/JONERED J1100RS, JONSERED 1140Z, JONSERED 1140RZ, JONSERED 1250RZ JONSERED 1300RS, JONSERED 1320RZ, JONSERED 1440Z/RZ, JONSERED 1500RZ, JONSERED 1620RZ, JONSERED 2490S/RS, JONERED 900RS, In case of any doubt contact us
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